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234 Market

234 Market

Location: Grand Rapids, MI


  • Meeting an aggressive budget


  • Utilize a closed loop water source heat pump system to maximize efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and limit exterior building openings.
  • Each apartment is served by an efficient water source heat pump located in a closet with overhead exposed spiral duct to serve each tenant.
  • The commercial spaces are also served by the same core water source heat pump system as the apartments which increases the diversity and efficiency of the entire system.
  • There is a highly efficient boiler system to maintain a minimum temperature in the water loop and an open style cooling tower for heat rejection.
  • There are separate energy recovery ventilators on each level to serve the ventilation requirements from a central location, therefore no individual exhaust fans were required, and the ventilation air is also delivered directly to each heat pump.

A Closer Look

234 Market is a multi-use building located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. The building is approximately 200,000 square feet, with nearly 250 apartments, retail space, and a parking garage. Quality Air was chosen by the construction and development team to provide a cost-effective design with single source responsibility.