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Shape Corporation


  • Concern about the reliability of the existing boiler
  • Boiler may have been significantly oversized for the client's operation
  • Needed reliable and more appropriately sized boiler


Measured current system functions to test if the current system was still usable and offered the following solution:

  • A dual boiler system that will provide virtually 100% redundancy if a failure would occur that would shut down one of the boilers. The second boiler will, however, provide a capacity “boost” when the coating system is put back into operation after a weekend or holiday shut down.
  • 2 process system circulation pumps to provide 100% redundancy maintain water supply to all the system heat exchangers.
  • Qualification for a modest energy rebate based on the increased efficiency of the new boilers.
  • Complete pre-fabricated and pre-wired (including testing) skid mounted assembly allowing a very short installation time to fit a pre-scheduled plant shut down over the Christmas/New Year holidays.
  • The boiler system was about 90% complete when the skids were placed into the plant with only the process water supply and return connections, plant supply water connections, flue vent connections, electrical power connections, and a minimal amount of control connections to be made in order to place the system into operation.

A Closer Look

Our expectation was for the boiler system to be operable after approximately 3 days of onsite work.