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SkyVue Apartments

SkyVue Apartments


  • Building had to be completed before the start of the Fall 2017 term at Michigan State University
  • All MEP trades had to communicate and work effectively with one another and the building owners regarding scheduling
  • The job required extensive amounts of material and coordination of large deliveries to the site were common
  • The size and nature of the building meant numerous teams had to be carefully scheduled, work had to be specifically planned, and materials prepared as efficiently as possible


  • Communication, deliveries, materials, and labor were carefully monitored to make sure the project stayed on track 
  • The Quality Air team and all the other MEP trades worked very well together
  • Leadership involved in the project remained diligent

A Closer Look

SkyVue Apartments, is a 339 unit apartment building in the vicinity of Michigan State University. The building boasts 338,375 square feet of residential unit space and 80,220 square feet of common core areas. The project was completed on schedule.