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The Exchange

The Exchange

Location: Kalamazoo, MI


  • Tight Budgets
  • Very limited laydown areas


  • The commercial spaces are heated and cooled by air source, high efficiency heat pump split systems
  • The apartments are served by packaged vertical terminal air source heat pumps incorporating both the condenser and evaporator sections in one through-the-wall cabinet.
  • The packaged heating and cooling units are in mechanical closets in each apartment and include an exterior louver to allow for the exchange of indoor heat with cooling outdoor air in the summer and extraction of warm air in the winter without the need for a separately piped condensing unit. These units also have the capability of allowing fresh ventilation air to enter the apartment trough this same louver to meet the code requirement for ventilation air. 
  • The top floor of the building is a commercial space which is served by packaged gas heating/electric cooling units placed on the roof. 

A Closer Look

The Exchange is a high-rise building project in Kalamazoo, Michigan that was begun in 2017 and finished in the summer of 2019. A total of 15 stories including; 4 levels of commercial space, 7 levels of apartments, and 4 levels of parking, Quality Air was selected to assist Byce Engineering of Kalamazoo with the design and implementation of the HVAC system.