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The HUB- East Lansing

The HUB- East Lansing

Location: East Lansing, MI


  • Minimal lay down/storage areas
  • Aggressive schedule
  • Lowering overall costs



  • After vetting various types of systems and considering the space available, types of apartments, and overall building costs, a system utilizing ducted air source heat pumps as well as packaged terminal heat pumps was selected.
  • The studio apartments have the packaged terminal heat pumps which take up the least amount of space in these small units while the larger ducted units (VTAC units) were designed to serve the multi-bedroom units. 
  • Exhaust for restrooms is handled by 34 central exhaust fans connected to each apartment via central duct systems, while ventilation air was provided directly through each HVAC unit.
  • Corridor ventilation is provided by gas-fired make-up-air units located on the roof with duct connected to each floor via chases. In addition, there are two stairwell pressurization fans and vertical duct in chases. 
  • There is indoor parking on the lower levels which is heated via electric unit heaters and ventilated per code with exhaust fans and CO and NOx sensors for control. Intake for the parking area exhaust fans is provided with an interlock to the entrance overhead door system which operates anytime the parking garage requires vehicle fume evacuation.
  • The ground level commercial spaces are served by split system air source heat pumps with the condensing units placed on the 2nd level roof.

A Closer Look

The HUB of East Lansing, Michigan, is a 10-story high rise apartment building with 190 studio apartments and 156 multi-bedroom apartments intended for use as primarily student housing to serve Michigan State University. The ground level of this project contains a commercial lease venue which is being partially occupied as a convenience store and the other is a pizzeria. Quality Air was asked early on by Spence Brothers Construction to provide ideas and budgets for a cost-effective HVAC system.