Expertise in Construction and Self-Performed Installations

With an illustrious history spanning over half a century, Quality Air is your unwavering partner in construction excellence. Be it educational institutions, shopping centers, towering corporate edifices, life-saving healthcare facilities, luxurious hotels, or robust manufacturing plants, our rich and diverse experience positions us perfectly to tackle the challenges of your unique project.

At Quality Air, we boast a team of construction experts who not only excel in their craft but also self-perform the installation of piping and ductwork. Our mastery extends across a broad spectrum of construction specialties, including:

Process Cooling and Piping Systems

We are adept at designing and implementing process cooling and piping systems that cater to the specialized needs of various industries.

Industrial Ventilation

Quality Air is your trusted source for industrial ventilation solutions, ensuring a safe and efficient environment for your operations.

Closed-Loop Heat Pump Systems

Our proficiency in closed-loop heat pump systems guarantees energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions for your facility.

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow)

We harness the power of VRF systems to deliver optimal climate control, making your spaces more comfortable and efficient.

Variable Air Volume Systems

Our expertise in variable air volume systems enhances the control and energy efficiency of HVAC systems.

Hydronic Heating Systems

Quality Air excels in a variety of hydronic heating solutions, including radiant floor heating, snow melt systems, convection heaters, and more.

Our seasoned team, armed with decades of experience, is equipped to transform your construction vision into reality. With an unwavering commitment to precision and innovation, we assure you of a construction journey that is both seamless and exceptional. Quality Air is not just a contractor; we are your dedicated partner in building a brighter future for your projects.