Project Showcases

Quality Air’s commitment to excellence and innovation shines through in our diverse portfolio of project showcases. From state-of-the-art educational facilities to expansive commercial complexes and advanced healthcare centers to sustainable industrial solutions, our project showcases demonstrate our dedication to delivering exceptional results. Each project tells a unique story of precision, quality, and client satisfaction. Explore our portfolio to witness firsthand the successful partnerships we’ve forged and the impressive transformations we’ve brought to life. These showcases stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and client success.

Victory at Leonard Apartments: A Showcase of Excellence

Victory at Leonard stands as a striking four-story apartment complex seamlessly integrated with retail spaces on the ground floor. Comprising a total of 117 thoughtfully designed apartments, this architectural marvel also boasts secure underground parking facilities.

Empowering Corewell Health’s Data Center: A Seamless Upgrade

Quality Air takes immense pride in its successful delivery of a critical project for Corewell CTIS Liebert’s Health Data Center. Valued at $154,000 and labeled as a “Labor Only Project,” our team embarked on a challenging journey that culminated in the installation of six Liebert units.

Reviving Russel’s Cabin: A Masterful Transformation

Quality Air took on a remarkable project with Russel Weiner, valued at $135,000. Russel’s cabin faced challenges with its existing Mitsubishi VRF system, prompting the need for an upgrade. Our solution? The installation of a brand-new Trane VRF system was expertly executed by the GR Project team.

The Law Building’s Cooling Tower Upgrade: Elevating Cooling Solutions

Quality Air proudly undertook a transformative project at The Law Building in Grand Rapids, valued at $170,000. The focal point of this project was the replacement of the cooling tower.

Hughes Management Medical Office Building: Elevating Healthcare Infrastructure

Quality Air is proud to be part of the remarkable transformation of Hughes Management, a prominent medical office building located in the heart of downtown. Our dedicated team spearheaded a comprehensive renovation of the mechanical equipment, ensuring that the facility remains at the forefront of medical infrastructure.