The Law Building’s Cooling Tower Upgrade: Elevating Cooling Solutions

Quality Air proudly undertook a transformative project at The Law Building in Grand Rapids, valued at $170,000. The focal point of this project was the replacement of the cooling tower.

While the project proved to be a resounding success, it did come with its unique set of challenges. The installation of the new cooling tower necessitated a bit of retrofitting to seamlessly integrate it into the existing infrastructure. What added a layer of complexity to the task was the tower’s location, perched seven stories high on the rooftop.

Navigating the intricacies of retrofitting and working at such heights demanded a team of experts, and Quality Air rose to the occasion. The completion of this project not only resulted in a more efficient cooling system for The Law Building but also showcased our capability to tackle intricate installations with precision.

The Law Building’s cooling tower upgrade is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative HVAC solutions, even in the most demanding environments. Quality Air takes pride in enhancing the functionality and efficiency of critical systems to ensure the continued success of our valued clients.