Hughes Management Medical Office Building: Elevating Healthcare Infrastructure

Quality Air is proud to be part of the remarkable transformation of Hughes Management, a prominent medical office building located in the heart of downtown. Our dedicated team spearheaded a comprehensive renovation of the mechanical equipment, ensuring that the facility remains at the forefront of medical infrastructure.

The scope of this project was nothing short of extensive. We orchestrated the installation of 14 brand-new furnaces and condensers, delivering enhanced heating and cooling capabilities. Furthermore, our commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability was showcased through the implementation of a cutting-edge boiler system, designed to optimize heating solutions. Additionally, the inclusion of two energy recovery units underscores our dedication to improving indoor air quality and energy conservation.

This renovation marks a pivotal moment in Hughes Management’s journey, enhancing its capacity to provide top-tier medical services. Quality Air takes pride in our role, knowing that we contributed to a healthier and more efficient medical environment for the benefit of both staff and patients. The Hughes Management Medical Office Building project exemplifies our dedication to innovation and excellence in the field of HVAC solutions.